Belmond Caruso Wedding // Ravello

Part Two // Rob + Philana's Belmond Caruso Wedding Photography and Video

Rob and Philana's love story began seven years ago, long before their Belmond Caruso Wedding. Despite beginning their lives in very different settings, fate conspired for them to meet, through a mutual friend. They found an attraction at first glance and, on being introduced, an immediate accord – in that, as anyone who knows her might expect, Philana informed Rob that they would now be dating and he agreed!

Meet Rob + Philana

Their first date was a little more tricky to arrange, following Rob’s trip home for the holidays and Philana’s immediate departure for work, they met for a wine dinner and an unforgettable evening on the island of Lanai. And the rest, as they say, is history… Over the seven years together, as they have come to learn and love so much about one another, their connection has become stronger, deeper and better with each passing day. They are alike in many ways, they are both happy, confident individuals. They share a love of laughter as they face life’s challenges together – as they told me, their shared sense of humour is the key that keeps them together. Rob admires Philana’s confidence, her independence, her strength and her passion and tenacity for life. She is the most positive and optimistic person he has met and a source of encouragement and inspiration to him. Rob appreciates her wonderful sense of humour and while her energy can occasionally overwhelm, he adores her big, warm, beautiful smile and her loving heart.

Philana admires Rob’s caring and nurturing nature, his thoughtfulness and his calm demeanour. As she told me, he keeps her sane. Philana loves his wonderful sense of humour, positive outlook on life and his talent for fitting in everywhere. She appreciates that he devotes his full care and attention to her, always putting her first and both allowing and helping her to shine. The stability and empathy he provides is invaluable in helping her to achieve her professional and personal goals. Philana is also incredibly grateful for the precious gift he gave her, of a family to belong to!

Philana and Rob appreciate that by being a part of this relationship they do not become less yourselves, but more so. They have created space in their togetherness for their individuality and personal interests while still sharing their selves and their lives completely with one another. And while they are each wonderful individuals in their own right, together they are amazing! Though they are often physically many miles apart, they each strive to build and strengthen the family unit they have created. They cherish the time they spend with one another, whether dining out or cooking together at home, enjoying a fun day at the beach or even just curled up on the couch watching TV or listening to music. Love is in the little things - thoughtful daily gestures and little acts of love that show how much they care.

Rob, told me that he is Philana’s biggest fan and the first to recognise and celebrate her many attainments. He is always there to listen and to support her in all her endeavours and to provide the most beautiful bouquets of flowers.

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