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Bel Air Bay Club Wedding

Venice holds a special place in my heart. A few years back I filmed a very high profile wedding in Malibu with events scattered across Malibu and the Venice Beach area. The experience left me hungry to discover more about the place, the people and it’s culture. During my stay for the wedding in 2015 I booked into an airbnb on Abbot Kinney. I remember being mesmerized by the beauty of my home for the week. It epitomized the Venice lifestyle that had me hooked from the moment I stepped foot through the door. Stylish, open plan and flooded seemingly all day long with huge shards of light.

This American wedding was late in the year so I’d been craving some sunshine for a while.  I left the house after a very brief conversation with Derek and Angela about my work as a destination wedding videographer. We enjoyed a beer and I promised to send them a clip of the Malibu wedding video once it was complete. Goodbyes where said and I headed back to the UK.

‘I’m not sure if you remember us?’

Fast forward to 2017 – An email landed in my inbox. ‘I’m not sure if you remember us’ appeared in the opening line. I didn’t need to read the email at first. I’d already scanned the words, venice, wedding, airbnb, 2018. I would return to venice to create their own Malibu wedding video. Travel was arranged and plans were discussed almost instantly.

This adventure was different. I was there for Derek and Angela’s Bel Air Bay Club Wedding but I took some time to soak in what I had tasted just 3 years previous. This time I flew out with my wife Kat. We stayed in our hosts beautiful home again for the entire week. Long sun filled days were spent simply walking along the coast. We rode the fairground, drank wine on an evening as the sun slowly disappeared. It was heaven.

Who meets on a plane?

It was my intention here to talk about Derek and Angela’s story. Their Bel Air Bay Club wedding and how the warmth of their friends and family and their desire to party hard made the wedding so special. I was going to talk in depth about how these guys actually met. Who meets on a plane? (These guys do) There’s no need though. The wedding video says it all (watch it).

I work a lot of weddings so I get to hear how people get together all the time. In a world were social media and dating apps now seem to be the ‘normal’ way to find a life partner. It was actually so refreshing to hear a cool story. Something that you could easily picture in a Hollywood Film.

Meet the couple

Derek Lucchese (groom) and Angela Wu (bride)

Why do you want to capture your Bel Air Bay Club Wedding on video

I’ve always been a fan of wedding videos. I love the idea of being able to capture the event through from bridal preparations through until the party. I love the idea of seeing the day through someone else’s eyes, especially the wedding ceremony. Especially from a professional who is gifted at story-telling.

Why did you pick us to create your Bel Air Bay Club Wedding?

Plain and simple: your artistry in story-telling blew me away. When thinking about a professional wedding videographer, Angela reminded me that we had one stay with us. When I looked up your website, I lost the rest of the night being moved by each of the stories. I love the mini-movie / shorts that I’ve seen on your site, especially the Paris Elopement Video.

Each has a unique style that makes it stand alone and seems to really tell the couple’s wedding story so well. The mix of soundtrack, sound effects, interview and scene capture really just blew me away. I felt like I was watching movies with real story arcs. Fantastic production instead of a traditional and potentially boring wedding video. I feel really excited and confident that you’ll create something that we’ll gladly watch for the rest of our lives.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Derek is in healthcare marketing and advertising. Angela is in the investment and tech industries. But who cares about our jobs really ?  We’re avid adventurers who are equally as excited for local road trips as we are for grander journeys to other countries. We’ve explored South America and Europe together, and will be adding Africa to our list for our honeymoon.

Derek was at a point of life where he wanted to try something new, and LA worked out. After about 7 months living in LA Derek and Angela met on a flight from JFK to LAX. So we sat next two each other, eventually chatted, and fortunately, Angela texted and the rest is history. We spent the early part of our relationship long distance, and eventually Angela moved home to LA.

The proposal? …Tell me everything leading up to your Bel Air Bay Club Wedding

After getting a little drunk at a friend’s birthday, where he said: “so this is happening right, this is it” . Both of us said yes, I asked about likes and dislikes in rings. Months went by and while Angela was traveling i realized how much i missed her, recalled the birthday conversation and thought, what am i waiting for.

I  texted Angela asking her if she’d like to go on a hike with the dogs on Sunday. Saturday came, i eventually found a diamond that seemed to speak to me and agreed to terms. we shook hands, he said come back in 2 hours with the money and we’ll have your ring. I then proceeded to go to the bank where I took out more cash than I’ve ever personally carried at one time, and nervously put it in my backpack and then even more nervously turned my backpack around so i could hug the bag and quickly walked back to the shop.

“It was all planned out”

I treated myself to a whiskey afterward (felt like i had earned it) ha ha and then headed home. The next day i loaded the ring into the tiny ring box they had given me, put it into my pack (although Angela couldn’t understand why i was carrying a pack) and we set off with our dogs. It was all planned out: we would get to the mid way lookout that has a bench that overlooks the Pacific Palisades, Malibu, and Santa Monica.

“Sadly the dogs were a bit tired”

We’d take a rest on the bench and i would easily transfer the ring box from my pack hip pocket to hand, and then easily turn on the bench get on a knee and ask her to marry me.

Sadly the dogs were a bit tired so Angela was quick to say ok let’s head back down. . . “uh . . . let’s go to that side over there, we never look out from there . . .” We got to the other side and I somewhat off balance while standing on a slight slope said a few words and then got down on my knee and asked her to marry me. So Los Liones is now our engagement site.

The Venue/s? … Why A Bel Air Bay Club Wedding above anywhere else?

It enables us to share the beauty of our home: the westside of LA. Perched above the PCH and the Pacific Ocean, the building facade has this amazing Spanish / Italian villa look (i think :) ), while also seeming like you could be in Hawaii while standing on the lawn looking out over the ocean. Then we’ll move into the very cool courtyard with string lights and fire place to be entertained by a gifted singer songwriter, before starting the party. Something about the space: the views, the various areas, having access to the entire venue, just really suits us and the experience we’re hoping to have quite well.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at your Bel Air Bay club Wedding?

We are not doing the traditional American wedding but are really looking forward to having people join us in LA (our home) and help celebrate our marriage. Our short ceremony is planned to be outdoors on the lawn overlooking the ocean and then we’ll move inside for yummy food and lots of fun music and dancing. We truly just want everyone to partake with us as we enjoy the day — we’re hoping everyone (including you guys) laugh a lot, drink, and make great memories.

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Planning a Bel Air Bay Club Wedding ?

Are you are planning a similar event or wedding at the Bel Air Bay Club and would like to talk to us about wedding videography options? Please just contact us and we can takes things further x

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