Baur au lac Wedding in Zurich // Switzerland

Why do you want to capture your Baur au Lac wedding?

I would love you to tell a story of the day and to capture wedding photographs that in 20 years from now we can still watch with tears in our eyes. 

Why did you choose us to capture your Baur au Lac wedding?

Completely by chance. I was researching the best Wedding Photographer in Zurich and came across your profile. I knew that I would have little chance for availability but decided to try anyway. So, it’s fate :)

You guys. When you’re not planning your baur au Lac wedding, what do you do?

Vladimir is a senior exec in a bank and I am a co-founder of tech startup based in London. We spend our time between Cyprus and Zurich and I travel very frequently to London. We travel OFTEN. We have a 2 year old son Marc, and 3 dogs (although only one of the dogs would attend the wedding). I hope that Marc will carry the rings to the ceremony, but lets see if he behaves. For me time with family is very important but also traveling, sports and doing something worthwhile.

Why a Baur au Lac wedding over any other venue?

Our love grew and developed in this city. When we met, Vladimir lived in Cyprus and I lived in Zurich, so he would travel almost ever weekend, often catching a few connecting flights to get to me for a day. This happened for 2 years. We also welcomed our son in Zurich, so this city has a lot of happy and special memories. A Baur au Lac wedding is the perfect extension of this.

What experience do you want to give your guests?

We want our family and friends to experience Zurich through our love story, so this is why we wanted to take a boat out on the lake and then finish with our wedding at one of the most beautiful hotels in town. A word of warning, 30 of our 35 guests speak Russian (but more than half is bi-lingual) so we are still deciding whether to host ceremony in Russian or English.

Venue website:

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