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Why do you want us to capture your Aynhoe Park Wedding?

There is so much going on that we’re unlikely to see it all, or even remember it, so we want to capture as much of it as possible on our wedding video. In particular, Paz will not see Mayank’s entrance before the wedding ceremony (on a white horse!) and the initial parts of the Indian wedding ceremony so she is very keen this is captured on video and not on an iphone!

We are hosting a traditional but not so traditional Indian wedding – it’s smaller than typical (c.120 guests so normal for an UK wedding but much smaller than some Indian weddings!) and we have chosen Aynhoe  Park and a number of suppliers (including you) as they are different to the usual Indian wedding circuit (we are both Indian but not so Indian as I mention below). Aynhoe Park in particular is just very special to us and the only wedding venue that really worked when we saw it. The size of the wedding, alongside c.60 guests who are family members, means that every single person attending the wedding is actually very close to us. Therefore the more of our parents, our friends and the moments of the day we can capture somehow be it by film or in our wedding photography the better.

Why did you pick us?

We loved your unique style of wedding videography – it is clearly incredibly high quality and creative, and again different to others we have seen.We can’t wait to see our very own Aynhoe Park wedding video.

You guys? …When you’re not planning your Wedding, what do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Paz – Paz is a doctor and comes from a family of doctors. She moved over to the UK when she was 5 and, as an only child, her parents are incredibly important to her. Paz’s parents raised her in traditional Indian way in many senses but gave her the freedom to do what she wanted to do when growing up.

Paz went to Oxford university (where I met her briefly for the first time) where a large contingent of her friends at the wedding will be from – either medical school or her college. In c.2010, Paz took a year out and went to Borneo to volunteer as a medic for Raleigh international and then to live in New Zealand – this period was a formative period in Paz’s life and a number of her Raleigh friends who are very different to the Oxford set will also be at the wedding.

Mayank – I work in finance (private equity) and also come from a family of doctors including my sister – I am definitely the black sheep in the combined families as the only person not being from a medical profession! What’s important to me – again it’s family and friends, and obviously now Paz.

I am not your typical finance guy and principles and ethics are hugely important to me. It’s one reason why I continue to work where I do as they have the same principles as me (I know many others that don’t). My life has genuinely changed for the better since we met again for our first date in Jan 15 (yes not long ago).

The Venue … Why an Aynhoe Park Wedding Video above anywhere else?

It’s just brilliant and different! We absolutely loved it from the very beginning. While we thought seriously about booking and were close to booking other venues, we kept changing our minds and realised the reason was because we just wanted a wedding at Aynhoe Park.

What experience do you want to give to your guests?

For our families, an incredibly special party and weekend – many of our family members will be travelling from India so holding it at Aynhoe Park will be really special for them.

For our friends, most of whom are not Indian, we want them to get really involved and immerse themselves in the whole Indian wedding experience. They seem to all have been waiting years to finally go to mine/Paz’s Indian wedding! Some were slightly disappointed when we said the wedding would be in Europe, but I am sure they won’t be after the weekend.

Importantly it will be a chance for our Indian families and English friends to meet each other and understand more about the two us.

The only thing worth noting is that we want our wedding to as as colourful and fun as possible…the more of this you can bring out in our Aynhoe Park wedding video the better.

Venue Website: http://aynhoepark.co.uk/

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