Falsled Kro Wedding // Denmark

When we’re not planning our Falser Kro Wedding, Rasmus owns his own ship broking company, and he also has an investment company that invest in start up companies.I also use to work within ship broking and lately in pharmaceuticals. But stopped working when we had kids. We have three kids, age 5, 3 and 1. We have been together for 12 years, lived abroard for 3 years but are now back in Denmark, where we just built a new home.

Belmond Caruso Wedding // Ravello

Rob and Philana’s love story began seven years ago, long before their Belmond Caruso Wedding. Despite beginning their lives in very different settings, fate conspired for them to meet, through a mutual friend. They found an attraction at first glance and, on being introduced, an immediate accord – in that, as anyone who knows her might expect, Philana informed Rob that they would now be dating and he agreed

Wedding at The Ned // London

My style of filmmaking favours a wedding the Ned in many ways. Weddings at the Ned are traditionally darker than most which works hand in hand with my darker style of wedding videography. Located in the heart of London’s financial district, the Ned, with it’s banking heritage exudes a rich elegance that is both urbane and gentlemanly. When mixed with modern floral architecture and candlelight, you have the perfect setting for a elegant wedding.

Kew Gardens Wedding Video // London

Arriving into London late the previous evening, I curiously opened my hotel room curtains to see what view the capital had in store for me today. A monochrome blanket of fog lay vast over acres of fields and woodland across the Thames into the distance. Dotted throughout, matchstick figures walking dogs pierced through the mist and made the scene human. This wasn’t the London I was used to. It was a Peaceful and serene London that I hadn’t experienced that often. Today I was to create Tim and Sabine’s Kew Gardens Wedding Video, but not before coffee.

Majestic Downtown Wedding Video // Los Angeles

Our winter here in the UK passes without much opportunity to film. Then in a heartbeat, I’m suddenly five thousand miles away from home, Leica in hand, ready once again to capture the most important day of someones life. I worry that I won’t be able to shoot. That I’ll get nervous and forget what I’ve being doing successfully on a weekly basis for well over a decade. I worry that I’ve lost my people skills. That my ability to judge situations throughout a wedding will have faded. Five minutes into Tess and Arya’s Wedding at the Majestic Downtown and I’m fine.

Cap Rocat Wedding Video // Mallorca

We wanted to capture the story of our Cap Rocat wedding in motion and to music. Film is the most emotive media and we felt that it was the best way for us to be transported right back to those amazing days in Mallorca. We wanted all the little moments to be captured, and especially the ones we weren’t aware of on the day. We also didn’t want to lose the clarity between all the different moments as time often tends to merge them into one big happy feeling.

Gloucester Cathedral Wedding

We live together in Hong Kong where we met 3.5 years ago after I had come over from Singapore for a hen weekend. I moved from Singapore to Hong Kong 9 months later… Lex spends his days training and playing for Hong Kong as a professional rugby player.  I work as regional retail manager for a luxury English menswear brand. When not working we spend our time with our two rescue pups and travel around Asia as often as we can.

Malmo Wedding Videographer

home > malmo wedding videographer > utsiktsvägen wedding \\ Thank you so much Philip for being our Malmo Wedding Videographer.We love the small special moments you got from the wedding and during our special day. It’s all worth it. Especially of Ingrid’s father smiling.Hope you are doing great. Phong / Ingrid – Malmo // Meet […]

Iceland Elopement Videographer

We spent three days travelling across Iceland stopping periodically when either the weather took a rest or we spotted some light or a backdrop that warranted braving the freezing conditions. Time spent in our hire car outweighed opportunities for the elopement video by at least 7/1 (We spent over 20 hours in the car). One day we drove for five hours to find that the glacier we were visiting was closed.

Bel Air Bay Club Wedding Video // Los Angeles

Venice holds a special place in my heart. A few years back I filmed a very high profile wedding in Malibu with events scattered across Malibu and the Venice Beach area. The experience left me hungry to discover more about the place, the people and it’s culture. During my stay for the wedding in 2015 I booked into an airbnb on Abbot Kinney. I remember being mesmerized by the beauty of my home for the week.

Vincigliata Castle Wedding Video // Florence

Every emotion during my bridal preparations, every look, laugh and tear captured during the ceremony in the most gorgeous way, I especially loved how you filmed & included our trip to the venue – I adore reliving that drive with all the signposts! The video takes me right back to the wedding every time. We wish we could take you with us everywhere with us to capture our daily adventures in such a beautiful way..! If only.. It’s lucky dreams are free!

Borgo Egnazia Wedding Photographer // Puglia

“I had seen Borgo Egnazia on a website a while back and thought it would be a wonderful place to get married so as soon as jack proposed I recruited mum to come with me to have an explore in the march. It was stunning there were spring flowers around the olive trees and olive wood fires and the whole place has orange blossom piped through the air conditioning system! I decided that I had to find a way to make it happen”

Baur au lac Wedding in Zurich // Switzerland

“Our love grew and developed in this city. When we met, Vladimir lived in Cyprus and I lived in Zurich, so he would travel almost ever weekend, often catching a few connecting flights to get to me for a day. This happened for 2 years. We also welcomed our son in Zurich, so this city has a lot of happy and special memories. A Baur au Lac wedding is the perfect extension of this.”

Khayangan Estate Wedding Video // Bali

It’s the one thing that will really bring us back to those precious moments. I’ve been told by so many people that the day passes so quickly, and before you’ve had a chance to even realize what’s happening – it’s over. So we wanted a wedding video to remember the special day by, and to capture the moments that we weren’t directly a part of. I can’t wait to watch David’s preparations and the Chinese Wedding Door Games. We want to see our Khayangan Estate Wedding from another point of view, especially the wedding ceremony.

Wythe Hotel Wedding Video // Brooklyn

Friends who have already been married say how quickly the day goes & there is so much of the day that we will miss. It would be lovely to look back at a cinematic wedding video and see parts of the day that we might have missed. The wedding ceremony will go fast. So it’s really important to be able to watch this back again in our own time. Likewise I’m sure my bridal preparations at the Wythe hotel will pass by in a blur of adrenaline.

Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer // UK

We picked a Dewsall court wedding because of its intimacy. It is like a home away from home that you can book for the weekend. It’s the kind of place you can just fumble around the kitchen in, in your pjs with a cup of tea. As mentioned before we would have loved to get married in Italy, but unfortunately our grandparents wouldn’t have been able to travel there, so we picked somewhere which we thought is the next best thing – which allowed us to spread the wedding over a few days and enjoy a weekend away.

Villa Fontanelle Wedding Video // Florence

Julie and Ross reached out to me almost two years before their Villa le Fontanelle Wedding in Florence. They were organised. Given the fact that Julie is herself a professional Wedding photographer this really did not surprise me. I was ready for the question that would inevitably come from their friends and family. “I guess you’re feeling the pressure today then?” Well, actually, no. Not really. I often film for fellow Wedding videographers and to be honest, I think it takes the pressure away.

Chateau Durantie Wedding Photographer // France

This was a very special wedding for me and one that will certainly not fade from my memory anytime soon. Working as Gemma and Adam’s Chateau Durantie wedding photographer for 3 days in the summer of 2016 was how I want every wedding to be. Relaxed, sun-drenched, emotional and scattered with laughter, music and of course alcohol. I shot the wedding with one tiny Leica Q camera which never left my side. I was truly part of the action from start to finish without ever really feeling like I was working. It meant I could work from the inside and provide photographs that were personal and meaningful rather than from a distance, without passion or soul.

A Buda Castle Wedding in Budapest

I waited a really long time to meet Abdul, I made a brave decision to turn my whole world on its head , hoping, believing that ‘the one’ was out there. Then one night after a fantastic trip island hopping around Europe, I came home and went out with some friends. Whilst upstairs on a balcony, I looked down and among a large group of guys all dressed in suits, all I can remember is my eyes drawn to Abdul, our eyes locked and we fell in love at first sight.

A Four Seasons Wedding Video // Florence

Dani is a professional poker player and I write a travel blog with my sister. We travel very often and have a large group of friends from all over the world that have become like family. Our lives are very unconventional. We LOVE food, and exploring new places through food culture; Japan was by far our favourite. Dani went to culinary school and is very passionate about cooking. We’re also animal lovers, we have 2 dogs Marlo & Muñeca that we love like children. We lived in Mexico for almost 2 years and I volunteered for the shelter working with abused animals, so I’m very passionate about animal adoption.

Jewish Wedding video in Malibu

Chris and Ara lived in a beautiful apartment above a coffee shop on Abbot Kinney boulevard. We ordered in cold brews and talked about the next few days. We’d only communicated recently by email so it was a welcome experience to finally meet these guys. I use the word ‘finally’ loosely. Ara only contacted me to create her wedding film less than two weeks earlier. Her first email read ‘Thank God I’ve found you’. She told me she’d spent a full week searching Vimeo for the perfect wedding Videographer.

Ibiza Wedding Videographer

A large section of my family and friends will be unable to make it for various reasons so I’d like to capture the day for them. Another reason is to see all of the things we won’t catch on the day and to capture our excitement on the day. I’d love to watch back Bo’s bridal preparations and the build up to our outdoor wedding ceremony. When we’ve had a few drinks later in the day it will be incredible to watch back everyone’s crazy party moves.

Paris Elopement Video

I’ll be completely honest and say that this Paris Elopement Video was the catalyst for a massive change in my own direction. At the time I was desperate to be involved with this Elopement Video. Looking back at my email communications with Lauren and Yohan. I knew their story and loved throwing ideas back and forth with them. We talked for weeks about what we could do.