About Philip White


Meet Philip White



Hey, my name’s Philip. I guess you should probably know a little about me.

When I’m not travelling I live quietly by the coast in the English countryside. By my side, always, in life is my incredible wife of 21 years, Kat. We have two daughters – Jen (21) – studying English at Cambridge and Alice (16) – Artistic genius and the most beautiful soul I know.

Lover of good coffee, red wine, vinyl, the sea, guitars, 90’s music and 80’s films. Usually found trying but failing to outrun carbs.

That’s it for the personal stuff.


Accolades and Achievements

In a career spanning well over a decade Philip has become one of the leading figures in the wedding industry.

In 2012 Philip became the first winner of the UK’s best filmmaker title at the Wedding Industry Awards. He went on to win further TWIA awards for the next 5 years.

In 2019 Philip was recognised as one of the world’s top 5 most influential event filmmakers in a poll voted for by over 600 industry peers.

In 2016 he was recognised by Sony as an industry certified expert and was later commissioned by Sony to produce a series of short inspirational films exploring his unique approach to filmmaking.

In 2014 Philip launched the educational side of his business (Wedding Industry Masterclass) and through online coaching and workshops has helped over 1000 other wedding professionals to further their careers.

Philip’s work in the wedding industry has taken him to over 30 different countries, both as a keynote speaker and in a judging capacity for international photo / video awards. His work and features have appeared in numerous global publications.