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Why do you want to capture your Buda Castle Wedding on video?

I waited a really long time to meet Abdul, I made a brave decision to turn my whole world on its head , hoping, believing that ‘the one’ was out there. I had some great times and made some wonderful friends, but there was always something missing.

Then one night after a fantastic trip island hopping around Europe, I came home and went out with some friends. Whilst upstairs on a balcony, I looked down and among a large group of guys all dressed in suits, all I can remember is my eyes drawn to Abdul, our eyes locked and we fell in love at first sight.
Eventually that evening we swapped numbers, we text a few times and then nothing, until 8 months later.

Abdul messaged me, it was so endearing, he said he was now single and would like to take me for dinner. I was so happy when his message came through though didn’t reply immediately. 20 minutes later, he text again to say ‘not to worry I probably wasn’t in that place anymore and that he shouldn’t have contacted me’ it was so sweet.

‘I’m really nervous, I really like this guy’

I remember the words I said as I set off on our first date ‘I’m really nervous, I really like this guy’.
Like an old fashioned movie, Abdul was the perfect gentleman, we only went out on a Saturday night ‘prime time’ and we’d get all dressed up and go for dinner. We fell crazily in love.

Then I flew off to America on a trip with my best friend, whilst I was away we just knew we wanted to be together forever so Abdul took the day off work on the day I returned, met me at the airport and moved in, he never went back home.

Whilst in the USA, I bought Abdul a  ring with the latin Tibi In Omne Tempus written around the outside. After my flight landed and we came home, we went for a walk and Abdul presented me with exactly the same ring as I had bought for him, it was so beautiful, the universe had us entangled from the start. This latin phrase which means ‘for you, forever’ is inscribed into our wedding rings.

We choose to create a video of our Buda Castle Wedding because we simply want to capture this really special day for our family and our love for one another.

Why did you pick us to create your Buda Castle Wedding Video?

Because you’re the best wedding videographer in the world. We like to ‘go big or go home’ you’re the best and we love your style, same with our wedding photography, non of the traditional stuff, just images of us on our special day, sharing little special moments. The bridal preparations, the moments leading up to our numerous wedding ceremonies and then finally the big wedding party!!!

But Wedding Video’s are a bit crap aren’t they?

Most wedding videos are, but yours are amazing and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do at our Buda Castle Wedding. We love the other indian wedding videos that you have made.We also love the more traditional wedding videos that you’ve made across Europe. The Paris elopement video is always the one that stands out.

You guys? …What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life? etc etc

Although we are super busy, working careers, building business, we like nothing more than being just the two of us and being off the grid. Think the programme ‘The Good Life’ that’s us.

The proposal? …Tell me everything.

At about 10pm on a Friday night (our first anniversary) Abdul gave me a beautiful card and in it was a code. Looking rather confused, I googled the code and it referenced an ISBN number for a book that we had on the shelf ‘1000 Places to See Before you Die’, I went to find the book and there were 2 flight tickets to Paris leaving the next day!!

At 6am we flew out, we were met a the airport and chauffeur driven to The Dorchester, Plaze Athenee!! As we stepped out onto the red carpet and into the most beautiful hotel, we checked in and the room was so opulant, it was incredile, with beautiful white roses, chocolates and champagne all waiting for us.
But Abdul was quick to usher me out of the room, we need to go downstairs he said.

How did we get from there to your Buda Castle Wedding?

When we got downstairs, parked square outside the hotel entrance amongst the gleaming Bentleys and Ferraris was a fabulously battered old blue Citroen 2CV waiting with a driver dressed in a stripy t-shirt and holding out a single red rose for me as I stepped inside. We whipped through the city in this little tin can, with the roof down, through all the narrow streets, stopping at all the sites, it was so much fun.

He finally dropped us back at the hotel and we went for a stroll to get some things for a picnic, in a picnic area underneath the Eiffel Tower, Abdul suddenly got down on one knee and proposed to me! He looked so nervous, it was so beautiful. I said yes and he kissed me.

Together, we then walked hand in hand to the Pont Du Arts bridge where we locked a padlock with our intials and date onto the bridge and threw he key into the river Seine.

Abdul took me for dinner that night in the Ciel De Paris, the highest restaurant in Europe, it was beautiful. The next day we wandered around the city, saw the sights, were so happy and flew home. Such a magical and special weekend, I am so proud of Abdul and so blessed to have been given such a romantic marriage proposal!

The Venue? … Why this a Buda Castle Wedding above anywhere else?

Because its breathtakingly beautiful and we fell in love with it when we first visit the place.

What experience do you want to give to your guests at your Buda Castle Wedding?

We just want them to experience the love we have in our family, how happy we are, we knew a lot of people felt we’d rushed into our relationship but its true, when you meet the one you just know. The lyrics in our first dance song say all we need to say (Otis Redding, For Your Precious Love)

I heard something once and it really sums up our relationship, when we met it was a deep feeling of ‘there you are’ like we’d been together for a million years, something had parted us and then we’d found each other again, it is so lovely. I want people to feel this love and enjoy our special day with us.


Venue: http://budacastlebudapest.com/

Considering your own Buda Castle Wedding?

If you’re watching or reading this and are thinking about your own wedding in Budapest then please do get in touch and we can talk about things further.

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