Indian Wedding Videos

Okay, first things first, I’ve made, many Indian wedding videos across the world. I’m experienced. Different regions, different religions, I’ve filmed Indian weddings of every cultural variety. From Punjabi to Hindu, Muslim to Gurjarati. However the key word in that first sentence was the ‘I’ve’ part. I’m not your traditional Indian wedding videographer. I usually work alone and take the exact same approach that I would if I was shooting a wedding of any other culture or religion. I’m discreet and respectful when I need to be but when I need to muscle in and assert my position, let’s say during a baraat I certainly will do. I may even dance a little myself. My Indian weddings videos are cinematic but are made artistically using composition and natural light. A five person team running around with 20ft cranes and flying drones isn’t cinematic. It’s a little tacky if you ask me.

I once filmed a high profile Indian wedding video at the Dorchester in London. It’s often the case with huge events that both the bride and groom’s side hire separate wedding videographers to cover the same wedding. I don’t understand this but it happens. Anyway, I watched as my ‘rival’ 6 person team assembled a giant scaffolding rig 4ft foot in the air across one of the lavishly decorated tables. The aim was to get a perfectly static birdseye shot of the table decor. The entire process took over 30 minutes and the events coordinator was not too pleased to say the least. As he questioned why they needed to go to so much effort I walked over, stood on a chair and took a photograph from above the table. It was one shot that took me 20 seconds with a fraction of the effort. I dropped the image into the film and it worked perfectly. If you want your guests to think you’ve hired a Hollywood film crew to shoot your day then please look elsewhere. If you want an Indian wedding video that’s made respectfully, without fuss, clutter, distraction on delay then let’s chat.

Thinking about your own Indian Wedding Videos?

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