European Wedding Videos

It’s obvious that the majority of my portfolio is made up of European wedding videos. It’s my home turf after all. I adore Europe and travelling across my own continent creating wedding videos is what I love. From sun drenched beaches in Ibiza to snow filled mountain tops in Switzerland, relaxed Chateaux weddings in France to hill top villas in Tuscany. There’s something special about the relaxed culture of mainland Europe that never fails to impress me. Obviously sunshine helps enormously as does wine and music but above all it’s the people that help me to create my best European wedding videos. It’s often the case that I travel to each location in Europe with couples from the UK choosing to marry overseas, however it’s just as common for natives of each country to fly me out to play a part in their homeland wedding celebrations. I don’t know why but the latter always makes me feel that little bit extra proud of the job I have. I’m being invited into someones home, someone’s own country to film their wedding. It means so much to me to do this and I feel it’s so important for me to immerse myself into their culture for the time that I am with them and their family and friends. To explore their community, drink their wine and attempt to speak their language, to me, just puts me in a better place to make the best wedding wedding video I can. I’ve mentioned this on every other section of my site but to feel relaxed and involved as a wedding videographer, gives me an advantage from the very start. I want to attend each wedding as a guest. If I’m excited to be there, if I feel good about myself, If I’m comfortable around everyone then my role as a wedding videographer is so much easier. Working as light as I can with usually just a single camera and lens enables me to seamlessly blend into the wedding day. I don’t get in the way, I don’t direct or intimidate, I’m just Philip. There’s not a single wedding goes by were I’m not asked “So how do you know the couple?” When I reply that I’m actually hired to be there, there’s usually a moment of hesitation. My approach is my approach and it works so well for me. My European wedding videos are what they are because of this.

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