Chinese Wedding Videos

Okay, so before we start this is simply a collection of my wedding videos that have some (often small) Chinese wedding elements. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the entire world shooting Chinese wedding videos and without fail have always received the same warmth and generosity of spirit at each and every single Chinese wedding I have attended. I always come away from Chinese weddings feeling so genuinely appreciated. It’s a wonderful feeling when each and every family member actively values your presence.

As with any Hollywood movie my own wedding videos need scenes in order to be successful. The more sections of a day there are, the more scenes we can create and we can draw on the natural story of the wedding day. Chinese weddings always deliver in this sense. Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies provide an incredible family orientated scene that gives genuine emotion to all my Chinese wedding videos. I love watching the bride and groom kneeling in front of their respective parents, serving them tea and thanking them. A devout way to express their gratitude for being raised. Chinese door games provide humour to the wedding video and provide a great contrast to the often emotionally charged ceremony. I’ve seen so many different challenges set up by the bridesmaids for the groom as a ceremonial demonstration of the his love.

Throughout all of these aspects of the day, whether deeply ceremonial or humorous, I continue to film in the same way that I always do. Discreetly, respectfully and in the background. I don’t use huge distracting cameras with lights and microphones. I don’t work as part of a large team of videographers.  I merge into the day as if I were a guest.

Thinking about your own Chinese Wedding Videos?

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