American Wedding Videos

I’ve had the honour of creating many American Wedding Videos over the years that I’ve been in this industry. I’ve flown to the States to create Wedding films for both American citizens living in the US and for overseas couples eloping to America for their wedding. I’ve created American wedding videos on both the east side in New York and Miami, Central America and the west side in California.

My experience of American Weddings has been so incredibly varied and never once even remotely similar. I’ve filmed with A list celebrities in low key laid back restaurants. I’ve created huge Indian wedding videos in lavish Miami Beach hotels. I’ve witnessed beautifully intimate elopements on tiny pebble beaches overlooking Manhattan. I’ve shot Jewish Weddings in Malibu and traditional all-American weddings in Venice beach. Despite my regular travels across the pond, the task of creating an American wedding Video is always something that sets my creative juices flowing. It’s always an adventure from start to finish and I always manage to come home from America with an incredible story to tell. Breakfasting with the Edge from U2, sharing kebabs with Dustin Hoffman and taking a homeless guys shoes are some of my most memorable.

America is a magical place, whichever part I visit. I never for second don’t appreciate that I have the best job in the word. I’m paid to travel
and to be creative. I get to meet new people from every walk of life, many of whom become good friends. I get to do adventure, often with my own incredible family in tow. We’re not on this planet for long, so to be presented with life changing opportunities on a monthly basis is something I will forever be thankful for.

Thinking about your own American Wedding Videos?

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