Group Wedding Videography Training Workshops and One to One Days

Philip currently offers two different wedding videography training options. ‘The Beating Heart’ is an annual wedding videography workshop. Each year we welcome wedding videographers from across the globe to our home town of Lancaster.


Choose which training option is best for you

The course is suitable to wedding videographers and wedding photographers of all levels of experience and ability. If you prefer to learn in a more intimate and personalised environment then we also offer ‘One to One’ training days. These are tailored specifically to meet your videography requirements.

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I was looking at wedding videography training to inspire and find my own style. Then the opportunity to come for the Beating Heart came along and I just knew I had to be there!

Now I know that it was one of the best decisions I've made.

What’s remarkable about Philip is the fact that he demonstrates not only mastery in his cinematography but he shares all his knowledge. From shooting, editing tips to business aspects.


I knew of Philip from countless wedding photographers mentioning his name and how he was 'the best in the industry'. After hearing about the course I decided to get in touch and book my place at 2016's Beating Hearts.

As each section drew to a close, both experienced and first time videographers buzzed due to the 'A-ha!' moments that Philip had shared. For me, this course was the best wedding videography training I've attended.

This isn't a refresher course, it's a transformer vessel for your business - get on board!


The workshop was a very good experience. Being one of the leading videographers in the wedding industry, he disclosed his secrets of the trade and the way he does things. from the very start to the delivery of the videos.

What impressed me most is that he addresses all the questions - no matter how basic - with the same clarity and patience.

You come out of the two day workshop ready to tackle the pile of edit you have sitting on your desk with a new attitude. - Pedro Portella


I’ve always thought that if you want to be the best, or aspire to be that, then learning from the best. From the real professionals who actually shoot for a living is the way to go.

Whilst you do indeed facilitate workshops, it’s your constant impressionable and very real work as a film maker earning money year on year that draws me to spend time and money with you. - Neale James