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Wedding Photographs of Children

Wedding Photographs of children by Philip White // So I’m a father myself. I have been since I was just 17 years old – crazy right? My daughters are now beautiful, strong young women ready to take on the world. Our house is full of prints, either in frames, albums or battered old polaroids pinned to notice boards. I want each individual image to do do three things – 1) look beautiful 2) take me back to a moment, and 3) make me think about what’s going on inside that young carefree mind.

When I take wedding photographs of Children, I’m drawn to something. Yes, I usually follow beautiful light and my wedding photography subjects are usually placed within this area but kids offer a completely different perspective on things.

If you examine the wedding photographs of children in the slideshow above we can learn so much. The range of emotions that we get from children trumps that of an adult every time. One particular wedding photograph shows a number of kids in line following each other. Yes, again, I’ve found some incredible light but if you study each little face you see something completely different. Some look inquisitive, some scared, some carefree, one looks sad, one looks joyous. Do we ever see a wedding photograph of a group of adults that offer this range of emotions? Not often.

Wedding photographs of children don’t hide anything and I love this. Kids don’t hide their feelings. If they fancy running around, or jumping into a puddle they will. If they’re sad, or angry, you see it and it’s shows in the wedding photograph. I love the photograph of the young boy completely lost in thought. Even the presence of me looming over him with my camera wasn’t enough to break the contemplation of what lay ahead for the day. His parents were just about to marry and you could almost feel every single though whirling around his little head.

Kids will be kids at weddings and it make’s the day. Nothing in the slightest needs to be staged when taking wedding photographs of children. Unposed, natural wedding photographs of children will be cherished in years to come as they show the real characters in all their raw, carefree and beautiful ways.

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So if you like what you’ve read and my wedding photographs of children are the kind of thing you’d like to look through in years to come, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you x