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Philip White and Wedding Photography // I’ve been a wedding photographer for over ten years now and in many respects haven’t even realised it. My journey into the wedding industry started as a wedding photographer and this never actually went away. I’ve had huge success from my wedding films which has kind of sidetracked me in many ways. It’s also presented me with so many opportunities. I’ve worked as a wedding photographer across the world, I’ve photographed huge celebrity weddings, I’ve judged national photography awards yet I’m still considered a film maker to most. I’ll be honest, my passion lies in photography not video. My house is full of old grainy black and white photography books that my girls are constantly hounding me to move. The shelves on our bookcase are now buckling under the weight.

My approach to Wedding Photography

If I had a choice I would only shoot analogue. I’m increasingly getting uncomfortable about the throw away world of digital images we’re living in. Like most wedding photographers I’ll deliver a few hundred beautiful images to my clients but I feel that the value of a single wedding photograph is becoming less and less. We seem to live for instant gratification, slowly distancing ourselves from the romance that used to involve the unveiling of a printed album from an attic or bottom drawer only once every few years. A tangible experience that would leave grandchildren open mouthed and grandparents teary eyed and reminiscent. Today’s wedding photographs are typically a series of zeros and ones buried deep on a hard drive or social media account, downloaded in their hundreds. Prints replaced by DVD’s, replaced by USB’s, replaced by downloads. You’re gonna run back into a burning building to save a download right?

What am I getting at? Print! Print your images and hide them away somewhere for special occasions.

My style of wedding photography although for the most part digital, does try to echo an analogue approach wherever possible. As a film maker I get to work alongside a lot of other wedding photographers. I’ve worked with guys who are considered the world’s best and have watched as they easily fire off 20,000 images in a single day. It’s each to their own but I question again the value of each image. I now shoot manual focus with Leica M lenses. It’s not everyone’s choice but it allows me to slow down and be patient. Watch and wait for the image to come. In turn this allows me to be as discreet as I can be. I stay in the background where possible and at most offer little hints of direction when I feel it may help to create a beautiful image. This is usually based around where I see light.

I talk about this in numerous other pages on my web site but working as your wedding photographer isn’t 100% about the photographs. We become planners, motivators, shoulders to cry on and advice givers. I’ve done this hundreds of times before and the experience gained is part of what justifies the fee. I need to be a guest with a camera. Communicating with people in different ways breaks down barriers and inevitably improves the quality of your wedding photographs.

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