It sounds so clichéd but your guests won’t realise that you’re having a film made at all. This is what my entire ethos is about. Respecting the day. Going unnoticed but creating a beautiful legacy of your event.

Whether I film your event or wedding video or take your wedding photographs in the UK or be lucky enough for you to take me overseas as your wedding videographer, my take on capturing your wedding  video or photographs is simple. I operate in a  discreet manner that more often than not results in most of your guests being completely unaware that you even had a wedding film maker present.This is totally unobtrusive wedding film making. My cameras are small, they don’t make a noise and don’t have any bright lights or big fluffy microphones attached to them. Quite simply, I will look just like your other guests. I’ll dress like a guest and will occasionally steal the odd canapé. I don’t bring huge cranes, remote controlled helicopters or any other bits of silly equipment to your day. It is, after all a wedding for goodness sake and we don’t believe that the ‘bigger, better, bolder’ approach is needed. I actually think that in most cases it can distract from what should be the main focus –creating beautiful wedding films using good composition and natural light.

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