Creativity takes courage // Wedding videography Workshop

My journey to Lipari took twenty hours. Two planes, one ferry, numerous cars and for the first and probably only time in my life, a private helicopter.

I was asked a few months back by the Associazione Nazionale Videografi if I would like to be their 2014 Master Videographer and host a two day workshop at their annual Campus. Why would I say No? They could have chosen any videographer in the world, yet they asked me. For that reason I was on board and committed to delivering an incredible workshop.

I don’t speak Italian and although I’ve spent a huge part of this year throughout Italy, the prospect of delivering a 16 hour lecture to around 100 Italian Film makers was slightly daunting. I had to rise to the challenge.

By my side throughout was my interpreter Sam. I’ve never met anyone so knowledgable about film in my entire life and his constant support and advice was priceless. He also helped me to sink an incredible amount of red wine and put the wheels in motion for future film collaborations.


My workshop was entitled Creativity Takes Courage. A two day analysis of everything wedding videography.

We looked at perceptions, fears and expectations and how they effect not just my own but everyone’s approach to film making. I invited everyone to challenge the conventional approach and look towards new concepts of film making. Throughout both days we analyzed my films. Not just new ones but the first films I made when I started out. I wanted my audience to see everything. Not just the handpicked portfolio films, but also the everyday, the mistakes and the journey I have been on. We looked at filming techniques and analyzed the use of minimalism, dynamic light, depth, composition, balance and structure. We examined the business of the wedding industry and the major differences between our industry and public profiles. In turn this helped us to re-think current workflows.

More than anything, I answered questions. Thousands of them. The Italians like to talk ;)

I’ve never met a more welcoming and friendly group of people in my entire career. It was a little strange being referred to as ‘The Master’ for a week but it was all cool.

Here’s a few images taken throughout the workshop by the very talented
Francesco Mazzeo

*Thank you to Evergreen for the featured image on this post. Go check them out they’re ace!!