Feedback from our Wedding Videography Couples

What my 2014 clients think after receiving their Wedding Video


“Phil was fantastic on the day, made us feel completely at ease. He captured the fear and the happiness perfectly. Phil’s films are incredibly professional and exactly what we hoped for.”

“Phil was an absolute pleasure to work with; it was like having a friend alongside us on the day. His professionalism and discretion meant that you didn’t realise he was filming.”

“Before and after the wedding his level of support was great, even helping to advise us on the timings of the big day. His work has an incredible sense of style and class which is timeless. The way he edits his wedding videos is a thing of beauty, capturing so much of the day’s emotion and I would recommend him to everyone.”

“Philip came via high recommendation from our photographer. Having now seen Philip’s finished wedding video, we couldn’t have asked for anything more, his work is simply stunning and gives a perfect representation of our very special day. Philip has managed to capture our special moments as well as encapsulating the day itself. Well done that man!!”

“Philip was brilliant. Not only a nice person but a true professional, both in conduct on the day and in delivering a finished wedding film that covered everything we asked for and more. I would not hesitate to recommend Philip to any of my friends or family!”

“Absolutely amazing wedding videographer. Made us massively feel at ease and confident when we were previously nervous, fit into the day really well, had fun with us, amazing video, many people have said it’s like the trailer of a film and others cried who don’t even know us!”

“Phil & Kat were so much fun to work with, it’s like having good friends video your wedding. You’re not conscious of being filmed at all & they capture all the most important aspects as well as having an eye for all the quirky, individual things you’ve put into your wedding.

“They work really hard to make sure they know exactly what’s important to you but make it look effortless and you can have a blast with them all the way through. Top folks!”

“Philip’s work is exceptional, he captured the day and emotion beautifully. He seemed to get exactly what I wanted with such ease. I’ve not seen any other wedding videographers that come close to the standard of videos he produces. He makes the wedding videos look like a fairytale he is truly talented.”

“Given only a night before the wedding to be able to hear of our ideas and details of the wedding day, their service was seamless and finished product amazing. I can’t thank Philip and Kat enough for making our day so incredible. People still talk about our same day edit every time we see them.”

“The wedding film Philip White produced is more than excellent, which has always refreshed our memory about the best day in our life.”

“I was thoroughly impressed by the skills and talent of Philip White. His quiet and unassuming manner belies the deeply professional and dedicated focus with which he approached my wedding. His understanding of my situation (i have a terminal cancer diagnosis) which means that the wedding video is more than just a record of the day but a beautiful memory captured to bring comfort to family and friends when I am gone. He produced a wonderful film that recorded the joy and happiness of the occasion.”

“I was impressed by Philips sample portfolio of wedding films and that they were indeed that; films. He is leagues above the vast number of wedding videographers out there and his eye for detail and the ability to capture the small moments on the day are not to be under estimated.

“Stylistically his movies are slick while at the same time deeply personal….I can’t compliment him enough. Plus on the day he was calm and able to spot windows of opportunity for special moments to capture.”

“Philip White is a once in a generation filmmaker. He was friendly, professional, he blended into the background on the day and most people didn’t even realise we had a wedding cinematographer there and the delivered end product was simply superb.

“A video is something you watch often more than looking at pictures as it reminds you so much of your wonderful day. I watched many wedding videos from other companies and none seemed to be as good or professional as Philip’s”

“From the first contact with him I knew he would do a fantastic job and he listened intently to our needs. On the day he was amazing we didn’t even realise we were getting filmed and the finished product is amazing. Very clever very professional and we highly recommend him.”

“We are over the moon with the service! On the day of the wedding Philip kept things natural and worked extremely well alongside our photographer.”

“What I loved about working with Philip was that he was very friendly and professional. He also was very responsive in the run up to the date and worked well on the day. Finally, he worked really hard to make sure the wedding video was exactly what I wanted”

“Philip is great to work with, he is quick and efficient during the filming and ends up by making amazing movies that really catches the spirit of the moment in a very artistic way .”

“Philip is awesome, he is a true artist and we loved having him with us on our special day! we cannot stop watching our film, its so beautifully captured !”

“Philip captured our wedding day exactly as it was. His insight during our wedding for the timing of certain events such as the speeches was truly invaluable and made the day more memorable. Our wedding trailer came out even better than we could have dreamed. It is clear that he puts in 100%.”

“Philip was an absolute pro from start to finish. He was a pleasure to deal with when I first called to enquire about his services. On the day of the wedding, he turned up hours ahead to get to grips with the venue and even helped with setting up! He definitely went above and beyond what he was there to do. He was also incredibly subtle during the course of the day and I hardly noticed him filming at all. When I did, he was a reassuring and calming presence throughout the day.”

“Philip felt like a friend at the wedding whilst producing a masterpiece. What a combination! He’s super laid back (and funny) but sensitive to the needs of the occasion. He gave us room to breathe whilst capturing so, so many precious moments. A master craftsman – no cliche: beautiful, original work”

“The first thing people asked when talking about the upcoming wedding was “well who’s going to film YOUR wedding?” and “I bet that was a difficult decision?!” Well to be honest, it wasn’t. I’ve always loved Phil’s work. I think he has an extremely unique style like no other wedding videographer in this country. His ‘storytelling’ techniques and his ability to keep the audience captivated throughout a film is inspiring. Phil has produced us a film which we will treasure forever.”

“The amazing MOVIE that captured what can only be described as the best day of our lives was dramatic, detailed and captures all the special moments that was created on the day. The attention to detail is second to none and the way you have collated the video is mesmorising. I highly recommend.”

“I was recommended to Phillip by a friend who had also booked him but when I spoke to him, he was such a great guy, I knew he had to film our wedding.”

“I booked Philip White because basically he is the best I have seen. I love how he blends in with my guests with them not realising he was a wedding videographer.”

“His amazing precious work and his passion and ideas”

“When we saw the example trailers we both agreed that Philip’s work was in line with what we had in mind.”

“The quality of his wedding videos, his professionalism and excellent customer service. Great results couldn’t ask for anymore very impressed. Would highly recommend.”

“I found him on the wedding awards website and then compared him with many many other videographers and he is a cut above the rest.”

“Philip was the only wedding videographer that captured everything we were looking for for our own future video: intimate moments, emotion, and voices set against beautiful background and perfect music.”

“The best way to summarise our thoughts on Philip White is that it was unlikely that we were going to even have a wedding video until we saw Philip’s website. We then knew we had to have him.

” We were blown away by the quality of his work and especially his short wedding films, that provide an almost trailer style taster of the wedding video. In years to come it is this that we will sit down to watch when we’re feeling nostalgic.”

“We loved his work and he’s a nice guy. Easiest decision we made for the wedding.”

“Loved his modern style. I’d watched so many wedding videos to find someone whose work I liked & they all seemed the same. Very generic & ‘weddingy’. Phil’s work stood out instantly to me as being innovative and different and I loved it. The first time we spoke on the phone I knew he would do a fantastic job and he didn’t disappoint.”

“We booked following a recommendation from a photographer and after having seen Philip’s website and past work, we had no hesitation.”

“From the moment I saw his work, I was hooked. His films combine a deft use of camera, wonderful scope, a precise eye (and ears) and a huge, huge heart. He’s a very special filmmaker.”

“His videos clearly stood out from the other wedding videographers we’d seen online. His use of music, story telling and style were far superior. It’s easy to go down the cheesy line with wedding videos but Phil brings a touch of artistry and creativity we found very attractive.”

“My friend and sister booked him and after seeing their videos and the work on his site I had to have him it wasn’t even part of my wedding plan but there was no way I wasn’t having him create my wedding video, it’s the best decision I made.”

“We’d heard he was good and he didn’t disappoint :)”

“I loved the previous wedding movies he’d posted on his website . He has a unique style.”

“He was recommended to me by another videographer and when I checked his website I really liked his films. They are so much more than a record of the day but they capture the spirit and essence of the occasion. As a film-maker and photographer myself, I have a deep understanding of visual style. It was important that the person recording my day had an aesthetic which I could connect with. Philip fulfilled the brief beautifully and worked closely with me to realise my vision for the day.”

“A combination of the perfect videos on Philip’s website and professionalism after initial contact made our decision to book them easy. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.”

“I booked Phil for his outstanding work and ability to capture all the moments on such a monumental day. I firmly believe his films will stand the test of time, which for a wedding movie stands it in good stead. Look forward to reliving the day in many many years to come.”

“Philip has this ability to find the story in everything he shoots. He doesn’t use fancy cranes or slow motion to sell his shots and he doesn’t have huge cameras and elaborate sound equipment but when you watch his work you are transfixed by the emotion that he creates on the screen.

“Through his storytelling skills, camera movement, his subtle use of colour grading and soundtrack makes me feel like I am watching a movie. You are drawn into the people on the screen and even though you don’t know them you feel connected to them. That is a very rare gift and that’s why no-one else would be good enough to film my wedding other than Philip.”